Hashtag 2.0

Whenever you use Facebook, Twitter or other alike social media platforms you would find #Hashtag in posts. Using Hashtag is the greatest and fun way to get engaged in a specific topic online. Besides being in on topic this is also an ideal way to grab online attention- being in limelight. How? Not much time back when many people, including Hollywood celebrities were using #IceBucketChallange to post viral videos of dumping ice water on their head just to increase ALS awareness, overwhelmed the main cause and became a trend to be highlighted.

Social media is nothing but a platform to engage people throughout the world and promoting conversation while using such tags increase the participation. By creating such tags and adding before some interesting topic you welcome your likeminded people to collaborate with your thoughts. For an instance, tags like- #ThankGoditsFriday or #TGIF lures office goers to engage and communicate. Basically, creating such interesting tagged topic makes a successful chain of communication and popularizes the particular trend.

Twitter is the place where the social mass became more seasoned with this trend. Over the time, transition of this fashion surge into other platforms, making hashtag a staple for posting.

How can you join in any social rally?

If you see a hashtag on any social feeds, hoardings, magazine and wish to join in the trend, all you need to do is to type that exact tag in our search box and you are all set to track the news.